API Helper Libraries

With support across multiple platforms and languages, Infusionsoft can be the center of your marketing. We make it easy for you to include Infusionsoft into any type of app that you might be working on. You can access all our libraries on our official Github page, as well as make improvements or offer suggestions.
Infusionsoft PHP SDK
This object oriented library requires PHP 5.5 and the curl extension and is available via GitHub at this link, or via composer.
PHP Helper Library
Infusionsoft Python SDK
This Python wrapper uses the built in XML-RPC functions of Python to enable easier access to the Infusionsoft API.
Python Helper Library
3rd Party .NET SDK
This .Net library provides a friendly framework for working with the Infusionsoft API in .Net
.NET Helper Library
3rd Party Ruby SDK
This community supported Ruby Gem wraps the Infusionsoft Library for use in your Rails or Ruby projects.
Ruby Helper Library